Dane Tomas is a writer, performer and innovator inspired by topics such as consciousness, sexuality, entrepreneurship and personal evolution.
He is the author of two books “Clear Your Shit” and “The Conscious Hustle”.
He currently dedicates his time to poetry and performance, building transformational businesses, learning Brazilian Jiujitsu and is conducting a 148 day masculine archetype experiment as research for his new book: “The Integrated Man”
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Conscious Hustle

Dane’s first book “The Conscious Hustle” (which details how business can be approached as a vehicle for human awakening) is available on Amazon now.

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Clearing Tools

Dane is the founder of the modern emotional “Clearing” movement – and credits the use of clearing to his fast evolution and growth across all areas of life.

Clear Your Shit!

Integrated Man

Dane created “The Integrated Man” program dedicated to redesigning the modern, conscious man in a way that is ballsy, empowering and real. 


Social Connections

Dane is a work in progress who uses his own life journey as fuel for his writing, creativity and business offerings. You can participate in his adventures!