Are we still doing the imaginary “good” and “evil” thing?

Surely that’s the final frontier between a sleepwalking human species and a waking one.

The mining companies and the politicians who go on holiday whilst the country burns are “bad” and the fire fighters and people who save animals and.. well ourselves obviously.. we’re ‘good’.

I think about the German soldiers in WW2 sometimes.

we’re they ever like: “fuck.. i think we might be the baddies!”

Were they even the baddies?


Is this whole fucking thing.. this whole dance of incarnation more like a REALLY elaborate theatrical production.

Last week I came out of a 7 day silent retreat.

(so don’t judge me, maybe this perspective will wear off)

My mom was telling me all the television’s latest politcal goss.

Trump is getting impeached.

Sco-mo (yes that’s what we call our prime minister in Australia) was in trouble for going on vacation to Hawaii whilst the country he’s sposed to (what IS a prime minister sposed to do?) is on fire like.. everywhere.

The more i listened the funnier it seemed.

Not even in a cynical way..

In a joyful way.

Literally all of this stuff was happening in Shakespeare’s time.

The powerful abused it and the disempowered complained.

The world was ending (comets and stuff)..

When i think of those cycles and the unconscious human delight in playing out these dramas..

The “OUTRAGE” of the community seems so quaint.

Like with each news item (carefully chosen to inflame public opinion and sell papers obviously) the more i felt like..

“oh.. all the characters are playing their parts! it’s perfect!”

Now don’t get me wrong.. we just drove across the country and it’s burned to shit and the wildlife is dead and all this full on crisis stuff is happening in actual reality and i FEEL it in my emotional body foreeal and in my human heart.. my personality still FEELS it but a deeper, less human identfied part is almost gleeful at the potential this nonsense MIGHT actually crack through in the next 100 years..

The narrative of the absent politician.

The corrupt corporations that just take.

The ignorant humans who despite the highest level of sophistication in documented history can’t help ourselves but basically EAT and EXTRACT and USE UP EVERYTHING and..

I get the sense this is all unfolding perfectly.


What could speed up awakening faster than significant environmental collapse?


Can I really pretend those politicians, those companies, those ‘corrupt’ individuals are not me?

Is it not obvious that the disowning of any part by the masses forces certain individuals to play those parts out..

Transpersonally and archetypally what ever i pretend im not HAS to show up somewhere else.

It’s so clear that they ARE me.

I am the consumer of the mine.

I rape the earth by the day.

I am the tolerator of the politician.

My apathy and being asleep at the wheel necessitates that my so called political leaders are the same.

I am the purchaser of the products the african children dig up and the chinese factory workers assemble.

I’m both a slave and a slave master.

There’s nothing going on that i’m not a part of.

And even if you think you aren’t..

You are.

The person writing this and the person reading this arent seperate.

The victim and the perpetrator make each other.

As long as we see in binaries..

we MUST play them out again and again.


Lets clarify here..

From a personality identified place.. this post wont make sense.

You’ve got your little name and your little bag of beliefs and so do I..

Some things are bad and some things are good.

And if someone does things that fit your values:

They’re GOOD!

And if they contravene them..


And if we cling hard enough..

And push our lies down.

And pretend we arent ALL OF IT.

The illusion holds up.

The polarisation will happen.

The thief and the victim.

The good guy and the bad guy.


But.. if you take a few breaths, unhook from the thoughts that are no more than echoes of memory and imagination and drop back into..


Dropping back past the illusion of “I”..

Can you really sustain your position of outrage or trauma or drama?

I can’t.

I got this deep sense last week.

the “good guys” and the “bad guys” on the planet are accelerating our collective towards the same outcome.

Death.. and awakening.


Me and Mia Mor had a discussion about this point of view and how it’s different from nihilism.

“so your saying nothing matters? so whats the point?”

“no… i’m saying EVERYTHING matters equally.. so do what ever you’re drawn to do. Just don’t waste time trying to ‘fix’ anything… or pretending any one piece of the puzzle could ever be out of place.. let it be as it is…”

by Dane Tomas

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