It’s a lot about WEALTH for me right now.


FINANCIAL WEALTH, the SOUL, EMBODIMENT are the big themes.

This all adds up to a bigger type of “WEALTH”.

One little mirror i’m pondering is this:

i see my artistic and spiritual friends undercharging for their stuff and it’s getting to me.

They put HOURS into getting the ‘brand’ right.

Stunning photos. Dope concepts. Well designed courses etc.

I know because I snoop on everything.

I click through the payment link and when it’s $100 for something valuable my heart sinks.

One problem is, I guess that people price what they think their immediate peer group can afford.

Or what THEY can afford.

It’s called selling from your own pockets and it leads to chronic underpricing.

I know because I clambered my way up tooth and nail.

In 2009 I started coaching.

My unemployed rapper friends would do the session and then pay with a bag of weed BECAUSE THEY DIDN’T HAVE THE $30!

so the struggle is real but..

Nowadays with social media your network is so much wider than you think.


I decided to build myself a study course (practical and theory) for THE ESOTERIC ENTREPRENEUR (aka the E:E).

It covers 4 aspects i want to mature:

The YOGI, the MAGICIAN, the POET and the INVESTOR.

They are archetypes sorta but also regions of study (departments at DT university if you will).

I’ve set goals for each one and specific areas of study.

It takes into account that i’ve been working on each of these for 20 years.

And now im fine tuning the bits that have held me back from playing each one at its full potential.

What’s happened since I started is they have begun to morph and ripen.


There’s been a shift from the base level of “making money” to:

1. Making it
2. Keeping it
3. Multiplying it
4. Contributing to society with it.

The endgame is to land TEMPLE culture.

I want to buy stripclubs, churches, cafes and retreat centres etc.

And re-purpose them.

Building a connected spiritual network for soul landing and spreading temple culture.


Running one or two profitable small businesses is not enough to fuel this at all.

I’m studying all the subjects that will help me leverage and level up.

my embodiment journey is getting deeper and more fascinating by the day.

my main practices are yoga, weight training, meditation and free movement.

i’m learning more about trauma and the nervous system too.

i’m certain there’s certain experiences I haven’t integrated yet.

These are effecting my ability to FULLY be present in my body.

They relate to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd initiations in the mystery school traditions.

What’s awesome is this area has moved from something gruelling (in 2014 when i started)..

to a journey i LOVE so much.

The the nervous system stuff is shedding light on my relationships to date.

It’s also providing insight into my wilder experiences with sexuality and open relating.


I’m dedicating more time to writing and practicing.

I dipped my toe with the first song “The #Goddess Delusion” but now i’m ready.

I’m currently working on a track called: “DARK WIZARD” as well as some spoken word and a live show.

I’m also about to lock in the dates for the Egypt Nile cruise retreat.

It’s going to combine soul initiations, magick, sovereignty and wealth mastery.

It’s a trip being human sometimes but i’m very healthy, alive and inspired right now.

If you read this unedited transmission of my inner process – thanks!

Photo : Michael Matthew

by Dane Tomas

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