A couple of weeks ago, during a retreat I saw an ant carrying a huge piece of food back to the nest.

To my human lens he was ‘struggling’ with something heavy.

I realised it was my projection and I was seeing myself.

If your so fucking magical Dane.. why are you WORKING at it still?

The retreat was awesome.

I got many transmissions and realisations.

One was a deepening of my experience of life-force and the body as VIBRATION.

You could call it ‘the feminine’ aka ‘shakti’ the energy of life vibrating.

Or we could dispense with all that and i could say:

i got a deeper induction into THE BODY and the movement of MATTER as an expression of life force.

Since I came back i’ve been a bit different.

I’ve been more tuned to vibration, to my breath, to movement, sound and physical matter.

I’m ALL THE WAY *IN* THE WORLD as well as witnessing it.

When I look at social media I see a lot of people TRYING

Not in a bad way.

Many of them are rocking shit and they are in the right stage for themselves.

For me though, that’s becoming an indicator of misalignment.

It’s a clear sign they are in the narrative of being “here” and needing to one day get “there”.

On the project planning/organise your calendar type level thats fine.

But.. if i that energy is running in my body.. it’s a message of scarcity to the self.

“i’m not it yet but one day i will be one day i will be”

The mantra of not-enoughness.

So my life might look the same as it used to from outside.

But whats clear is that i am to BE the thing and then take the action.

If I can’t vibrate WEALTH.. no point trying to go out there and ‘get’ some.

I have always been super goal driven.

Today i dont feel them.

Today I feel “i am there”.

And i feel “i was ALWAYS there”.

The work i’ve done seems like a side effect.

Sometimes even a hindrance.

The other day I went to the gym, set a new deadlift one rep max (125kg) and went back home again.

There was a commitment of full EFFORT for about 45 seconds.

Actually the minutes before were the hard bit.

“i am about to do something that i can’t do yet”

I had to choose to be the thing and vibrate it in my body.

Then i did it.

I have a weird feeling i could have done it ages ago.

Things are happening in “business” too.

Actually i’m realising that “business” is a distraction from WEALTH.

Business is ‘doing stuff to make money’.

I’ve focussed on it for a decade.

It’s like an illusion has lifted.

I don’t ‘want to be a business guy’.


This is a vibrational choice and the actions that follow are a small part of it.

What am I getting at?

The more I sit in my centre, the deeper i go into BEING, the less a lot of shit matters at all.

My main areas of interest:

Magick. Creative expression. Wealth. Embodiment.

They ARE what they ARE.

I had all these goals in those areas.

I still have them but..

But there’s this sense that..


I guess this is always true but somehow lately it’s buzzing in the cells of my being.

I’m committed to my journey into deeper and deeper wealth because it calls me but..


I have everything i want right now.
The main thing i’ve noticed is..

my body is more alive.. im breathing and shaking and moving and self pleasuring and BEING THIS LIVING BODY all the time.

and.. when I am vibration..

I don”t “need” anything else.

A litany of destinations and narratives have fallen away.

And I hear these assumptions in people’s language:

“open relationships are dramatic”
“being an entrepreneur is difficult”
“the system is going to collapse”
“i need to sort out my health”
“if i had more money it would be different”

And I can feel the lack of CONSCIOUS CREATION in these statements.

It’s so odd that we ever bought into the idea that we aren’t GOD don’t you think?

(Ant Art by Ewelina Czarniecka)

by Dane Tomas

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