The Path
There is a path brother.
but the people on TV
cant show it to you.
they are as lost as you. 
their so-called 
life hacks
and 10 minute workouts
and assumptions
about what you 
need to do to
‘get to the top’
are as confused
and impotent
as the men
who run 
our nations.
There is a path
that leads to places
feared by the 
stoic stone faced man
who is numb 
from the neck down
who cannot feel
or fuck or fight
or flow and whose 
divides men
into tough 
dense old trees
who know 
no joy
and soft weak
who wield
no steel
and still
mummy’s disapproval
there is a path
to a place
where deeds
are done 
in full.
where every gift is given.
where wives
are wet
and happy
who smile on sight
and melt 
and overflow with love
and men
look directly
into eyes
and smile
and what is said
is exactly 
what comes to pass
there is a path
to places
you thought
you’d never see again
every part
of who you 
has a path to play
there is a path
I’ll show you now
do you
dare to walk?