(for the new followers/friends this is the tail-end of an archetype journal i’ve been doing for the last 4 months!)

i’m officially physically fucked today. not even in a bad way. just taking a well earned come-down/integration day and retreating to my cave.

so.. in the last ten days i visited Chuck Mayfield’s masculine archetype art exhibition. did tantra and embodiment training with Steve James and Michaela Boehm (im about to sign up for their teacher training) and of course went to menergy where i participated in rituals, badly hurt my neck wrestling with Jamil Jay, facilitated the tribal group men’s circle for my guys, ran my “howl of the wolf workshop”, performed poetry at the caberet, got some chi gung upgrades from Peter Loupelis and some speaking from the heart upgrades from Gary Wohlman.

i cant even start tagging all the men i connected with itll just get silly.

i also had an incredible integrated healing-coaching-bodywork session with Alani Kelly and read a couple of good books along the trip.

The Course of Love – Alain De Botton
The Fifth Discipling – Peter Senge (look i read like a third) and
The Everything Essential Buddhism Book (sometimes i like to go back overview books and this one is tidying up lots of my misconceptions and misrememberings from my comparative religion degree 15 years ago!)

i reconnected with Vanessa and Byron Bay last night and this morning and got an amazingly healing chiropractic today.

i can feel ALL the embodiment, masculinity, consciousness, love, movement, presence and energy lessons of the last two weeks distilling and uploading right now.


so much shedding of old ego and personality stuff.

i had a beautiful moment where someone told me “you’ve arrived” on sunday and i really feel it.

not that i’m some special master or something.

just that i’m here on planet earth. that i’ve landed and after 38 years i feel like a (mostly) mature and integrated man.

i feel ive finally committed to my path, to my life, to being human and HOLY FUCK this integrated man journey has had a LOT to do with that.

so.. ima take a rest. if anyone wants me – i’ll be in the cave!