so today in a couple of hours i’m heading off to Menergy.

it is a terrible name, that conjures up the idea of either a male strip group or an energy drink for homosexual tradies – but its an amazing gathering/festival/event and i’ve come to regard the name fondly as a result.

for me ‘mens work’ came into the mix pretty late in this journey of awakening that i’ve been on since i was basically a child.

only after exploring energy work, psychedelics, comparative religion, psychology, martial arts, NLP/coaching/pd, meditation, PUA (yeah i went there), tantra and many other things did it occur to me to start investigating what “Masculinity” was all about.

i went to a few mens circles, read a few core books (way of the superior man, manhood, iron john, king, warrior, magician, lover etc) and did a couple of short courses and before i knew it decided to package my own – an intensive 8 weekpersonal development course for men – based around the 7 archetypes – that have informed these journals for the last 4 months!)

last year i went to menergy and it was permanently life changing for me.

i realised i was still (unconsciously) running patterns of competition, fear (including homophobia), inadequacy and ego around other men.

gradually dropping these shields and survival behaviours allowed me to see other men for who they were and also to be seen.

i was definitely in a peak state – feeling very open for about a week after the gathering, and although that faded somewhat after going back to “normal” life something had permanently changed.

my relationships with men deepened and became somewhat easier and more honest.

i’d mostly only ever had one or two male friends that i trusted – somehow i found that i had a small handful of really close”brothers” in various states of the country and dozens of men that i could at least connect with and feel love and respect for.

i also began attending and running mens circles as much as possible.

i believe that every hour a man spends sitting in a circle with other men can realign and heal core parts of his personality.

the “goddess” movement is in full force – and though some aspects of it sometimes seem a bit silly and ungrounded (to a 38 year old man) – it really is a fuckin amazing thing that thousands of women are reclaiming their power, divinity, sexiness, femininity and so on.

whilst women are elevating themselves to deity-status (at least in conscious town) the main focus for men seems to be “lets not kill ourselves and learn how to talk to each other!

not a lot of dudes are ready to refer to themselves as “GODS” – maybe ill start that! haa..

maybe thats not necessary and maybe it will show up differently for us BUT i remember even 3 or 4 years ago the idea of going to a men’s event for me sounded and felt a bit “gay”.


that seems so sad and immature from where i’m sitting right now!

im not sure what to expect this year at menergy. i know it will be much more familiar to me the second time around and that ill know a lot of people there.

i also still feel some nervousness – im running a couple of workshops, facilitating tribal groups and.. in and amongst that im sure ill face and let of some fear/bullshit/resistance that might be lurking beneath the surface.

this is a shout-out to the good men that i know!

i cant possibly tag all of you – but if we’ve EVER shared an honest conversation, a moment of realness or generally supported each other on this journey of what it means to be an awakening male identified human being on planet earth – i’m grateful to know you!

Dave Thompson Adam Sowden Daniel Almeida Dan de Sousa Reece Nugent Tom Kipps Kippenberger Chuck Mayfield James Skalkos James Looker Luke Inouchi Ash Lilley Dan Sanderson Ernst Dams Uwe Jacobs Eyal Matsliah Alex White Karl EdmondsonJamil Jay Mark Robinson Chris C Stewart Jimmy Halley Jeremy Small Daniel Thomas Ogilvie Runn Wild Benjamin Reeves Hugo Farrant

PS: just copied this from the menergy page

“Still sitting on the fence? You can call Scott Grimmett in the office today to organize payments if you are still tempted to attend Australias biggest men’s gathering. There are less than ten tickets left. His number is 1300 138 850. Seeya there!”