Breath into this part.

look up and to the left.


you just let go
Of the erroneous
that your suffering
would never end

some of the decisions
You made
At age 3

leave a lot to
Be desired.

so why are you
still backing them?

playing them out

with your wife,
in your business
and every single time
you inhale
into that certain part
of your diaphragm.

what if
it had NEVER
been about
“trying harder”
“being more”
as if such
a thing
could ever
be possible…

imagine an owl
trying to:
“be more”..

more than what?
more than an owl?

that sort of
of self interference

would surely impact
with the effortless
and majestic expression
of its pure owlishness.

‪#‎owlish‬ realignment