it’s fucking finished.

yesterday whilst taking 25 people through the final level of The Spiral i started to feel this sense of: “its done”

i was meant to be heading off camping today.

instead i decided to change my flights and go home to Byron and take a week out (from any kind of “challenge”) to integrate what the fuck just happened and let myself land before running spiral practitioner training next week.

i have no doubt that i’ve packaged up a functional and comprehensive model for masculine self initiation.

anyone (male or female) could use this model to develop and mature their masculine side.

i feel like a “normal” guy today.

not a Beast or a Lover or a Warrior or a King or a Poet or a Magician or a God.

just a regular human man, albeit one who can access all those different aspects much more smoothly than he could before.

i wonder what i’ll write about on social media now that’s done?

i don’t feel elated or stoked or anything like that.

i feel fucking tired and like i just snapped out of a spell or woke up from a dream.

i do have a sense of “wow. well done.” somewhere deep inside.

there are some aspects of me that were very immature when i started this process that feel as though they have definitely developed.

cbf to write about specifics yet. i’m prettty sure they’ll come through in my journalling of the next week.

one thing i am excited about though: