wow. nearly there.

challenge about to be completed.

(i’ve never done a self challenge of this magnitude and to be honest i wondered if i was gonna quit this one a couple of times but i’d COMMITTED myself to this journey so there really was no turning back!)

thats 7 archetypes, 154 days of living them, over 100,000 words of notes and about 7 hours of interview videos.

i genuinely feel like i’ve matured and evolved numerous parts of my character in less than six months. it’s pretty amazing. its also been A LOT to process and integrate – even by my standards.

today i will facilitate the FOURTH ever spiral experience here in melbourne – 26 participants and a team of 7 crew (lead by Zapheria Bell)

then tonight off to Shiva Shakti Transfiguration Circle (one of my favourite ways to spend a saturday evening and super appropriate way to consolidate the “GOD” archetype.

state wise my body has taken a little bit of a beating from travel and just back-to-back activites and projects etc over the last few weeks although i can feel how much more robust i am than i used to be (thanks to a year of weights and movement practice!)

right now im just taking a moment of gratitude (before heading into the venue where the team are just starting the room setup)

i love what i get to do with my life – i feel like i’ve finally grown into who i am. not that its in any way “complete” but that i am at peace and in grace (mostly) with the unfolding process.

to use one of Kelly West’s favourite spiritual cliches, i gotta go.. its time to “drop in”…