jeeez bob I dunno.

words verbal verbiage. Give me my god sends. I demand to stand and deliver. Fuckability is on the increase. Worth escalates but the edges god the edges. They are sharp and dull. Heavy and patient in their resistance. Is this inspired writing or jibberish. No man can say. I want to stand and deliver. If the general is the liver – who specifically is writing these words?

these nerds have castigated me. Castrated me. On a quest to become whole the very agenda creating the hole. Impale me on your lances. Hang me from your windswept tree.

I died for this. Lifetime. Lifestyle. Now my heart, has gotten involved.

I feel my truth here. Words dance. Stop trying. Yet fight to the death. Breath deep child. Push with all your might. Move your hips. Always with the hips. I will never give up. But… I surrender to self right now. No more overtures. I sweat past lives out through pores and the outpour is torrential in its downpour.

And the past convenant to not be poor has blocked true abundance. Embrace the opposite. Walk into the ghettoes of your psyche. Seek out the impoverished. Corner pockets make for easy shots. But don’t be deceived. Theres a trick to this.

Many masteries are counter intuitive. Stupidness sits heavy in the bones. The narrators voice has become monotone. He expects no suprises in this life story. Well fuck him and the rode mic he rode in on. I will not be a synonym for predictability. Nor will I stay a white belt thrashing. Struggle is the pathway to flow. Sometimes. Its not always wrapped up in a punchline.

and… how conscious is that hustle? Is there an urgency to avoid scarcity? Are there shadows in your soul you’re scared of? Why not walk deeply. Speak freely. Its an ashes to ashes scenario so why the focus on hurt feelings?

I will fight peacefully. Breath deeply if it kills me. Set me free from the saxon patterns that constrict my life force. What would you die for? Each day. How many lies provide the framework for your matchstick house? Whats this all about?

motherfucker, if that IS your real name? can you taste Shakti for breakfast? Or will you boil this all down to tasks on a checklist to busy in asana to assume an asana.. don’t let it pass by. Breathe deeper than the grim reaper. Fear not the gym teacher. You can take him now. Hes old. Your body gains in youthfulness and power daily. Keys have been found that unlock. And on the one hand the hands of the clock wont stop but on the other – this is timeless.