you remember that show?
“like sands through the hour glass..”
these are the days of our lives..

this is how time passes
one grain at a time

whilst a tall man watches
scythe in hand.

the Tibetans get it
we are slowly dying.

the tantrics believe
you shouldn’t waste

a drop.

it’s a stingy philosophy
but true enough.

although if you
save your seed
but work
in a job you hate
you haven’t
sublimated shit.

the only moral obligation
we have
is to LIVE
as fully as possible.

even a rogue
is better than a sheep.

if this,
really IS
some sort of simulation
points would be awarded
for how deep into bliss
you allow yourself
to delve,
for how many

you burst


how free can you be.
how deep into love
can you open.

the social codes
of you time.

they are

the reddest
of red herrings.

place your hands
on your belly
and loins
and follow
the call.